Fortunately, I have been running in my love on this long road.
In 2017, when decorating my own small home, unintentionally, let me meet the most beloved crafts – three-colour handpainted ceramic tiles, the first time I saw it, completely amazed me, the colour is gorgeous to the extreme, the picture is elegant and clumsy. Nowadays there are very few things that you can fall in love with at a glance, and it was certainly a stroke of fate that I met it at that time. From then on, it seemed to imply that I would go into it and capture its extraordinary beauty.

Later I slowly understand the handpainted ceramic tiles process, field trips to learn from teachers, only to know that it is a work of art, has long been included in the national intangible cultural heritage. Not only is the coloured glaze ceramic art development to the peak of the symbol, but also the classic expression of traditional Chinese ceramic culture. After learning, more determined to go in this direction to refine, to spread, so that the public found its beauty, dig should belong to its existence of contemporary value.

Sancai handpainted ceramic tiles as early as the eighties of last century began to export Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, the nineties a large number of exports to the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and other countries, favoured by people in foreign countries. At present, the domestic production of handpainted ceramic tiles is mainly used for export, the annual export of more than 100,000 pieces, while the domestic market for sale only accounted for less than 10%, which can be seen, handmade works in the country itself is a very small number of things, not by the publicity and promotion, know more than just a few people, I think it is necessary for me to do this meaningful thing, inheritance, protection and dissemination of traditional handmade works, so that it will be everlasting charm of new! Let more people discover the different beauty.

Next, I will tell you in detail about the whole set of processes for the production of handpainted ceramic tiles, in fact, the production of a handpainted ceramic tiles are far more complex than imagined long, not only to have a wealth of techniques, but also to have the aesthetics of the merits in order to be able to complete the entire work with ease.

First, design drawings
Use your own brain, design your favourite pattern, use a pen to draw a line drawing on the porcelain plate.

Wash the plate and polish it by hand to make the whole plate smooth and even.
Third, set up the line on the porcelain plate with clay according to the draft line manually, the lines require strong, decorative and rhythmic sense.
Fourth, glazehandpainted ceramic tiles and common porcelain panel painting is different because the three-color glaze paste is extremely special, glaze paste production process is also extremely complex, behind each colour corresponds to a set of precise data, a variety of minerals in proportion to the fine grinding into powder, after oxidation to produce different colours, so the ratio of each colour must be accurate to milligrams. Other porcelain paintings such as ceramic glaze with ceramic dyes, firing before the colour has become, while the three-colour porcelain plate painting with a glaze, without high temperature firing after kiln,

there is no way to judge the appearance of their own work, firing before all the colour glaze is deep and light orange, in the creation of the whole process, the real colour can not be embodied in the ceramic plate, you need to be converted through observation and imagination. It is only after the kiln has been fired that the true colours can be appreciated in all their splendour, making each piece of work unique. The glaze process mainly uses the fluidity of the three colours, so that the colours collide with each other to produce more beautiful colours, the main techniques are engraved, piled mud, hanging mud, etc., first of all, with a soft brush dipped in full glaze paste, using the technique of blending, overlapping, penetrating and diffusing, free and uniformly coated with all kinds of glazes on the porcelain plate to form a fantastical natural and heavenly picture. This is also the reason why I am fascinated by the handpainted ceramic tiles.

Ceramics as the art of clay and fire, firing is the most important, slow heating during firing, to be 24 hours of baptism, so that the glaze layer is fully molten to complete the kiln into the kiln a colour out of the kiln of the kiln change. In the opening of the kiln at that moment, not just once was deeply moved, shocked. Fired porcelain painting compared with other paintings, material physical and chemical properties are very stable, not afraid of moisture, not afraid of mould, the colour will remain thousands of years of bright, never fade. It has the texture that paper paintings do not have, the spirit that lithographs do not have, the rhythm that metal paintings do not have, the flow of colours, smooth lines, and people love it. Handmade crafts hidden in the object on the warmth and soul, it is difficult to replicate in the assembly line on the smell of goods, touch, it condenses the wisdom of the ingenuity of modern industry can not reach, with preservation and collection value.

Nowadays, in the development of traditional craftsmanship heritage, still adhere to the standards of material beauty, craftsmanship, ware rhyme, and timing. The same is true for the production of a perfect porcelain panel painting, each link is inseparable and indispensable. The above is the whole production process of three-colour porcelain painting.


Behind the beauty is the fire training before the phoenix rises from the ashes, and it needs to be constantly explored and examined in order to deliver a satisfactory answer. I love the whole process of creation to production, I think not only can find the fun of painting, but also a spiritual enjoyment, many times a few months to create a pair of line drawings, the picture is modified over and over again until satisfied with the production of firing, I hope that in my work, not only to see the dynamic lines and brilliant colours, but also in the traditional Chinese culture and a spiritual exchange. In fact, determined to be a craftsman, has been two years ago, these two years have been constantly learning,

I feel attracted to what I have to work towards its direction, despite the arduous process, will be very slow and slow, but also can not forget their own original intention, to be brave to run in their own love. Pass this love to more people, fully explore the three-colour porcelain panel painting this artistic treasure, so that the traditional non-heritage into contemporary life, glowing with the light of the new era.